1. I always wondered how Toby jumps onto surfaces. In the tradition of Muybridge, I wondered if it would show something interesting.

  2. This is my project about the consumption of water. More or less.

    I really lack the technical skill in building this. Everything is a little quirky and off, which is not what I was going for, and eats away at my insides. 

    I should take more time and precision for projects like this. 

    Overall, I enjoy this odd aesthetic, I spent 3 hours wondering where I should place those squares, and felt that this was balanced. inspired by Mondrian.

  3. Been watching a lot of Sci-fi movies lately. Blue gels and fog machines!

  4. imadeittt

    HP5 400 on F76 

  5. Risqué chicken. My dog brought this home from somewhere. The face of the chicken has met an unfortunate end. The more I see this chicken the more I realize how strange it is. Shot on Ilford Ortho Copy Plus 4x5 + Rodinal.

  6. Belonging Materials Part 2. 

    It was cold…

  7. Installation in my bedroom.

    Belonging Materials. 

  8. Shot this last year as a means to try to replicate Dan Winters’ Lance Armstrong photo and lighting. Found the negative in my room today and decided to scan it.

    Shot with my Linhof Kardan GT (4x5) + Schneider Symmar-S 210mm F5.6 on Portra 400.

    Model : Anthony.

  9. For Smokers. @ Japan

  10. Hong Kong.

  11. 35mm in Mongkok, Hong Kong.


  12. Bringing Fuji Peel aparts back @ Mongkok, Hong Kong.

  13. Yufuin Station @ Japan.

    Fuji Superia.

  14. Japan.

    Fuji Superia.

  15. Datsun 2000 & Hakosuka Skyline Dog beds @ Japan.

    Fuji Superia.